Markets and applications

Concentrated Solar Power

Concentrated solar power plants use reflectors to focus sunlight on a small area, causing heat. This heat is then used for powering a steam turbine, and generate electricity.

BVT offers valves that are well suited for steam turbine bypass, isolation and spray water control.

Cogeneration Power Plants

Cogeneration or Combined Heat and Power plants burns fuel to produce both electricity and heat. The heat can be used for district heating or for process steam applications used in pulp and paper mills etc.

BVT Sweden provide a series of desuperheaters and high rangeability process steam control valves.

Combined Cycle Power Plants

Combined Cycle Power Plants combine gas turbines and steam turbines for generating heat and/or electricity. Typically fueled by natural gas or fossil fuels.

BVT can provide steam conditioning valves, desuperheaters, isolation valves and water valves for CCPP plants.