About us

BVT Sweden was started by a group of senior valve engineers with the ambition of becoming a world leading valve supplier for critical applications in process steam and thermal power plants. Based in Säffle, we have experts with over 30 years experience in turbine bypass, steam conditioning, temperature control, design and manufacturing

processes. Steam conditioning expertise has been part of Säffle history for more than 100 years through the development of the pulp and paper process and the foundation of several companies including Källe Regulatorer by Torsten Källe right here in Säffle. We design all sorts of control valve systems to fulfill our customer’s requirements. The BVT product line

is optimized for customer demands, and we have the experience to design, produce and deliver complete solutions. Our products cover steam conditioning valves, pressure reduction valves, stop valves, desuperheaters and spray water control valves. With our partners in HP Valves we are able to supply the complete product range to our customers.

BVT Sweden is committed to servicing our valves in field with world leading experts, we also do Plant engineering and service of other brands in field to support customers in problem solving. BVT Sweden is developing products for the future and are part of several project for future energy challenges such as:

  • Concentrated Solar Power
  • CCPP
  • Clean Super Critical PP







BVT Sweden®: your long-term partner for the future

Peter Kull, Lars Wall, Sören Viktorsson

Founders and management of BVT Sweden®